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Create Your Own Succulent Terrarium Kit

Create Your Own Succulent Terrarium Kit
Our kit has been thoughtfully assembled to ensure a hassle-free terrarium-making experience.

Included in the kit:

Glass Bowl: Our 11cm wide glass bowl offers ample space for crafting your terrarium.

Essential Materials: Gravel, activated charcoal, and specially selected succulent soil are provided to create an optimal environment for your succulents.

Decorative Elements: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your terrarium with included decorative sand and stones.

Charming Figurine: Add a personal touch to your creation with a small decorative figurine.

With detailed, step-by-step instructions included, even beginners can enjoy the satisfaction of terrarium crafting.

Please note: The plants are not included in this kit, but you can choose them depending on whether you want to keep your terrarium inside or outside. Consider the requirements of your chosen plants and enjoy!
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