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Succulent Terrarium DIY Kit Complete with Live Plant

Succulent Terrarium DIY Kit Complete with Live Plant
Crafted with convenience in mind, our comprehensive kit contains everything you need for a seamless terrarium-making experience.

Everything you need for making a terrarium is included:
Glass bowl: The glass bowl provided is 11cm wide, giving you ample space to create your terrarium.

Gravel, activated charcoal, and specially curated succulent soil: These materials are included to create the right environment for your succulents to thrive.

Decorative sand and stones: These add-ons are included to enhance the visual appeal of your terrarium.

Three succulent plants: You'll receive three live succulent plants to plant in your terrarium.

Charming figurine: A small decorative figurine is included to add a touch of personality to your creation.

With step-by-step instructions provided, even novices can revel in the joy of terrarium crafting.

What sets our kit apart is the inclusion of vibrant, healthy succulent plants carefully selected for their resilience and aesthetic appeal. Watch as your terrarium flourishes, bringing the serenity of nature into your home or workspace.

The convenience doesn't stop there. Our DIY Kit is designed for easy shipping throughout New Zealand, making it the perfect gift for any plant lover. Add extra gifts to create a personalized plant gift box for your special someone.
Please note: If you're not gifting immediately, ensure the plants receive adequate sunlight before presenting them or select a delivery date close to the occasion. For NZ Post shipping, individual wrapping of plants is necessary for transit. Upon arrival, simply remove excess packaging before gifting.
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