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Discover our collection of compact and elegant terrariums, kokedamas, and plant arrangements. Browse through our delightful selection of planter pots, keyrings and enamel pins

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Explore the enchantment of inviting the outdoors indoors with our captivating range of terrariums. 

Effortless to maintain and stunning in any setting, they effortlessly elevate the ambiance of homes, apartments, and businesses alike.

A living gift like no other, our terrariums offer a one-of-a-kind touch that continues to delight.

Experience the enchantment as these miniature ecosystems evolve, flourish, and transform with time. Terrariums are indeed magical, promising a captivating journey of growth and beauty.



What is kokedama? Originating from Japan, Kokedama, similar to Bonsai, has evolved into contemporary botanical art widely embraced for home decor, and events. These elegant creations are effortless to water by simply soaking the ball. Whether suspended or displayed, they exude stunning beauty. Crafted with Sphagnum moss and string, Kokedama envelops the plant's soil and roots, creating a natural and sustainable pot.


Planter pots

Explore the world of plant styling with our stunning range of planter pots. Our designs seamlessly combine elegance and practicality, enhancing any space with a touch of botanical sophistication. 

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Event favours - Succulent in terracotta pot

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I got a terrarium for my desk and it is nice to look at my healthy succulents every day. Always Alive have provided an outstanding after purchase support to help me care for the plants. Edith

I bought a kokedama as a birthday present for my mum on short notice. Yasna was very allocating and lovely to deal with. Susan

I got a hanging terrarium made on request. After a year the plants are still healthy and growing. I love the design and easy care. Steven

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